Not only is the Morgan horse my passion, but so is Morgan horse history. With more than 50 years of involvement with Morgan horses, I have collected a great deal of Morgan horse memorabilia, photos and personal experience with some of the greatest people and horses in the Morgan world!  What a gift to have been able to delve into Morgan horse history with those before me who have lived it. To preserve this history, I am now compelled to pass along the knowledge and expertise granted me to the next generation of Morgan horse enthusiasts. An avid writer, I have been able to preserve these treasures of the past in PowerPoint format on CD for all to enjoy. Several lifetimes have gone into my written collections, with the following 5 CDs now available and more...much more...yet to be recorded for posterity!

1. The Legacy of Fleetwing (© 2011)

2. Bloodlines: From the Bottom Up (© 2011)

3. The Brunks of Illinois & Their Morgan Horses: A Family History (© 2008)

4. Famous Morgan Show Horses: Past and Present (© 2010)

5. Morgan Horses of the 1970's (© 2006)

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The Legacy of Fleetwing

I am pleased to announce that my latest production, THE LEGACY OF FLEETWING, is now available for purchase. Offered as a PowerPoint Production on CD, this work contains 461 pages of in-depth information about the grand stallion, his breeding, his ancestors, his offspring and his descendants. The serious Morgan horse breeder or fancier will not want to be without this important study Fleetwing and his impact on the Morgan horse breed. I am really pleased with this production, which has taken three years to complete. Renee M. Page


Bloodlines: From The Bottom Up

BLOODLINES......FROM THE BOTTOM UP is another PowerPoint Presentation on a CD by Renee M. Page. This production profiles eight outstanding contemporary Morgan Horses - Fletcher Music Lee, HVK Radiant, Liberation Starbrite and Nobelle, four outstanding producing mares in the Morgan breed, as well as the prominent breeding stallions, Arboria Noble Victor, Merriehill Chicagoan, Stonecroft Masquerade and WWW Reality Check Dot Com. Great editorial on their bloodlines, their lives and careers as well as wonderful pictures make up the 170 pages that profile these individuals. An excellent learning tool for the Morgan breeder and fancier to enjoy. Renee M. Page

The Brunk's of Illinois & Their Morgan Horses: A Family History

Famous Morgan Show Horses: Past and Present

An amazing journey through the history of the Morgan show horse, in which yesterday's popular Morgan show horses are mirrored against today's champions.  In this first edition, author and Morgan horse historian, Renee M. Page, presents an authoritative and enlightening view of the similarities and differences between generations of outstanding Morgan show horses!

Surprisingly, one can surmise that the similarities between yesterday's and today's show horses far outweigh the differences. Undoubtedly among the most distinguished of Morgan horse historians, Ms. Page captures the essence of the Morgan show horse throughout time as only she can!

A featured speaker at the 2010 AMHA Convention, Ms. Page debuted her presentation in Lexington, KY (February 2010). This annal of Morgan show horse history is a "must have" for your collection!


Morgan Horses of the 1970s

Morgan Show Horses of the Seventies, as presented at the 2006 AMHA Convention, provides an in depth analysis of the breeding and exhibition of the most famous Morgan show horses of the 1970's, including Beamington, Fleetwing, Waseeka's In Command, Vigilmarch and many other renowned Champions.

In this collaborative effort, Ms. Page reminisces with fellow Morgan  horse experts Judy Whitney Harris, Sally Longnecker and Mark Staehnake, each offering their first hand accounts of these famous show horses. This pictorial archive features the best of the 1970's: Stallions and Mares; Park Saddle and Park Harness; English Pleasure and Pleasure Driving...legends that are now Morgan "household" names!

And...that's not all! Also included is a section with 1970's trainers...a blast from the past, full of nostalgic photos sure to make you smile! This PowerPoint presentation is an absolute treasure!

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